Friday, September 3, 2010

Yes I am alive...

I am a bad blogger. A bad blogger in that I have not posted for the greater potion of a calendar year. But I have an excuse! Since my last post my son was transferred to his technical school in Gulfport, MS,

In the Classroom
I can make things!
and we made a few trips to see him,

I started seeing another doctor and had another surgery which I am still trying to recover from,

Told ya (and yes, those (14) wires are embedded in bone)
celebrated my son graduating from his tech school and coming home for a short visit, saw my nephew graduate (with Honors!) from high school,

SURPRISE! Look who made it home for your big day!

sent my son off to his first permanent duty station clear across the country, sent my daughter back to school as a Junior and went back to work, but not before learning to crochet.

Saw my little girl apply her skills:

And made a road trip to see my nephew begin his college career.

Road Trippin' to Savannah
Hopefully, I can get myself in gear and start posting again. Hopefully.