Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Beginning...

This, hopefully, will be the beginning of a great thing. I have become addicted to the blog world in the last few months and have decided to start one of my own to document our (read: family) new beginning and all the stuff that comes afterward. We have recently purchased our own little slice of heaven and are SUPER excited!

One of the best things about moving are all the great little "things" that happen and all the quirks you find. For the last few days we have had no phone and no t.v. (ugh!) But, we have made it through thanks to the land of DVD's and especially my super-duper boxed set of the ENTIRE Will and Grace series. Anywho, we've basically had no contact with the "outside world" because we live in the middle of Nowhereville. Last night, the Hubby (aka Marv) was running around trying all the phone outlets because the automated service center for the phone oligopoly said our service was all connected-y. Liar! The phone he was using has caller i.d. and an answering machine, so it has to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Sissy and I were in the process of making dinner and suddenly... no power. Of course I blamed it on Hubby! It's not like I can look outside at the neighbors and see if their power is out, too. Again, Nowhereville. So, we sit for a while and wait. Nothing. Marv decides he's really hungry and decides he wants to go get a pizza.

Let's look back a few days. Cue the Wayne's World flashback music... doodly-doo doodly-doo... We're riding down the road to look at the property again, pre-purchase, and Marv is all showy-offy with his Crackberry saying he's already found a pizza place and asking what I've found. I should note that I do not have a Crackberry, which I think is HIGHLY unfair. So, I grab the keys, wallet and Sissy and off we go. Marv points me in the general direction while he calls and places the order. Now, as I'm driving I see ominous black clouds swirling across the sky and begin to think I might have been a bit hasty in my accusation against Marv. The further south I go, the darker the sky gets and I am soon driving through torrential rains and freakishly heavy winds (I thought I saw Toto at one point!)... for PIZZA! I keep driving and driving and then ask Marv what the street numbers are for this place. " I think it's 8307." Hmmm... we just passed like 13, 000 something. Yeah. This pizza place was 17 miles down the road, making it a 34 mile round-trip. And yes, the pizza was good and I think they were the only people that had power. Thanks Rum Creek Pizza!

I think next time we decide to allow Marv to pick an eating establishment he found using his Crackberry, we will DEFINITELY ask how far it is first!

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  1. Is there any distance too far for good pizza?