Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So this is Home Sweet Home. We have been fortunate enough (okay, after all I've been through we'll call it fortunate at this point) to buy a great place I like to call our little slice of heaven. This is the home we'll be living in while we wait to build our new house, hopefully by Scott Jernigan Homes. The new house will be off to the right of this one. We are so happy to have the move behind us and be in the new place. It's actually bigger than where we were living.

Sissy is getting ready to start a brand new school. She went earlier this week to register but when I asked if she liked the school, she said "I only got to see the front office. They were waxing the floor. But the office was great!" Always the optimist. I had to take Marv and Scootie for a ride this evening to show them around the back roads and we had to go on an ice cream search. Thankfully, it wasn't as disastrous as the trek for pizza. It was purchased at a convenience store (no Bruster's or Baskin Robbin's out this far) and they had to eat it on the way back to the house because it would never have made the ride back.

I know this is a rambling post, but you can expect more of the same until I get caught up on the move and showing off the property. My plan for this blog is to document all the work I'm going to be doing over time to bee-yoo-tify this place. My FAVORITE spot on the whole place is down by the creek with all the wild ferns.

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