Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Become A Pirate in One Easy Step

Over the weekend, Sister D and I took the kiddles to a local state park for some picture taking. Lots of fun was had, some great pictures were taken, I ran in to a former co-worker and then, just like that, it was over.

While we were out having fun, my BIL J-Daddy became a pirate. How, you ask? It's simple:

You take one bungee cord (that has apparently been used one too many times), one goodwill gesture to help a co-worker (even though you were on your way out the door) and one unprotected eyeball (well, two eyeballs because otherwise that would be awkward - but only use one). Now, try to use that bungee cord one more time (to be fair J-Daddy didn't know it had apparently used up its very existence on this earth).

Kapow! Take a bungee cord hook right to the eye! Instant pirate. Ta-da!

See? It's like a vacation!
The rest of the weekend was like an exotic vacation only Sister D and Nephew ended up at a trauma hospital ER in downtown ATL with sticky seats and no George Clooney.

"You know all those breaking news stories where they say the victims and/or the suspects were taken to insert hospital name here and they say they have reporters live at the scene? WE WERE LIVE AT THE SCENE. And I've bleached our shoes twice since we've been home. And I think I'm burning our clothes."
My BIL is doing as well as can be expected for someone who can't bend over, has to sleep upright, etc. SO THE BLOOD DOESN'T DRAIN OUT OF HIS EYE.

So that was pretty much my weekend. To take your mind off of the whole "blood draining out of the eye thing", I'll post some pics of the kids who were happily posing while their dad/uncle was getting his eyeball poked.

The girls at their best. The boys...being the boys
This is Niece's best "rock face"
This is what most of the day looked like...

When I have "permission" from Sister D, I'll post some of the pictures that were the real reason we were at the park.

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