Monday, September 7, 2009

Things I didn't blog about this past week...

1.     Our Ya-Ya Night: The sisters and I went to dinner and a movie to see The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler...yummy. Though I did like him better (or rather, his physique) in 300.

This is what Mega-Nothing looks like

2.     I didn't win $325 million dollars: Between dinner and the movie, we all broke down and bought lottery tickets because, surely, it was our turn. Sister L attempted to snatch my ticket from my hand, even though she SAID she was just going for the pen I was holding. RIGHT. Sister D stated she needed to win so she could "buy Chase and fire their a*s!" Sister L then stated we needed to "come to an agreement right now that if one of us wins, we all split it equally."

CAUTION: Sticky substances

3.     Something horrible happened at the theater: this was evidenced by the "CAUTION" tape strung from the top of the theater to the bottom right down the middle. Were we not supposed to talk to anyone on the other side? Were they not supposed to talk to us? Were we even supposed to be there? We didn't know, but it didn't stop us from watching the movie. I paid $7.50 to watch the thing, no dastardly deed was keeping me from enjoying the show.  Turns out, they had cleaned the seats earlier and some of them were still damp.

4.     The USPS is still ticking me off. To date, we have received only (2) pieces of forwarded mail. But, despite this I had to go to hell the post office to purchase stamps and mail some invites. When I arrived (before the lunch crowd), there were (2) employees in the whole place and three people in line. There was a customer at the counter mailing off what seemed to be every item from her home in individual boxes that was taking forever. When the post office employee that was helping her finished and the customer was on her way, the employee walks through a door and disappears ... without the boxes.  So, it's not like she was actually putting those boxes in line to go out. She just DISAPPEARED. By now, there are about 10 people in line behind me. The missing employee finally returns and then the other guy DISAPPEARS. Are you kidding me? Is there some secret portal back there? Are they really robots (evidenced by the complete lack of emotion on either of their faces) and they have to go into this secret room to recharge (download all our personal information, DNA, etc.) after each contact with a humanoid? Uggh. When I finally get to the counter, I ask for 60 stamps and you would think I had asked for her first-born. In my defense, I did attempt to purchase my stamps from the automated machine. BUT, this machine only allows you to buy priority and express mail stamps. You know, the EXPENSIVE ones. I guess they are hoping you'll get frustrated and buy these just to get out of the place. The entire process took me 45 MINUTES. I DO NOT HEART YOU, USPS!

5.     And last, but certainly not least, Scootie got his date for "shipping out" to boot camp. November 24. Yep, two days before Thanksgiving. I am now planning a going away party, ThankChristmas and regular Thanksgiving while trying not to think about my baby being away from home for the first time ever.

P.S.:     I DO NOT HEART YOU USPS, PART DEAUX:  Some of you may not know this, but you can change the address for your driver's license online, for free. The catch? The DDS (Dept. of Driver's Services) links up it's satellites in space with those of the USPS to confirm your address has changed. Can you guess where this is going? Yep. Marv got a notice that his address change request on his license has been rejected due to the USPS not having his new address on file..FROM JULY. I am still waiting to see what happens with mine.

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