Saturday, August 29, 2009

Study Buddies

Sissy and her study buddy BTK are JEAN-EE-USES! In an earlier post, I explained that Sissy would be in a Chemistry class that is actually for Juniors.  Yesterday, Sissy got her first Chem test back.  Sissy was a little anxious about this test, because the teacher had said it would be extremely hard.  When the students entered the classroom, they saw the overall results for all of the Chem classes on the chalk dry-erase board (I know I just dated myself).  Only FIVE students from ALL SEVEN CLASSES made an "A".  Only ONE student from Sissy's class PASSED. Not made an "A", PASSED.  Sissy did the "death march" up to the front of the class to receive her verdict.  She was the last one called.  When Sissy turned around, all the other students were blinded by the smile on her face.  Know why?


  1. She's a brainiac, brainiac.....

  2. Well, you know, they say if you want a smart kid, you have to start out with a smart mama!