Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sissy is a Sophomore!

Sissy is ready for back to school...on FRIDAY. Again, who starts school on a Friday?! Apparently, Sissy.

Scootie took Sissy to town today to get her schedule and meet the teachers. Her first class of the day is listed as Visual Arts/Fiber I. Does this mean she'll be watching cartoons and eating things that are good for her? She also has been placed in an advanced drama class. Apparently, this class is usually for Juniors and Seniors. The teacher did ask Sissy if she thought she could handle the course. If I had been there, I could have told her Sissy is quite capable of holding her own when it comes to drama. Some of her performances in the past have been Oscar worthy.

She'll also be in a Chemistry class that is for Juniors. Apparently, she's a little ahead of the curve in the Science department. Bunsen burners and cool eyewear here we come! Whoo hoo!

The only thing about Sissy going back to school ... Who's going to hang out with this guy?

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