Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Thawt I Thaw a Puddy-Tat!

Today was pretty uneventful. At least for the human element. BTK had an adventure. Let's just say it involved RTD (Rudy the Dog) and a tree. Marv comes in the house and says, "Billy just ran up his first tree." Now, I know this is somewhat normal in the feline world. You would have thought Marv had told us Billy had packed his little kitty-sized suitcase and was hitting the dusty trail never to be heard from again. Sissy and I went running (Okay, Sissy was running. I was hobbling) out the front door to see Billy halfway up a tree, holding on for dear life meowing for all he's worth. "Oh, Billy, you poor baby!" " Billy, can you get down?" Like he's going to answer us. "Sure, I'll be down in a few. I just have to pry my claws out of this tree. They're sunk in about ten inches, so it might take me a minute." I, of course, being concerned for Billy, grabbed the camera on the way out the door to document the entire event. For your viewing pleasure*:

* No kitties or doggies were harmed in this incident. Except for BTK's psyche. All his friends are going to mock him because his mommy had to come rescue him. And yes, that is Billy's booty in the 2nd picture. Instead of coming down the easy way, he decides to go over the branch above him and come down on the other side.

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