Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My friend Marty

My friend Marty (MFM) is going to kill me for posting about him, I just know it. But, he's in Kentucky and I'm in Georgia so I figure I can get a head start and he won't be able to catch me. I talked to Marty this afternoon after not hearing from him FOREVER. Okay, so I know my phone does dial out. I'll take responsibility for my part in the lack of communication.

So, Marty is living the good life up in the big town of Hartford, otherwise known as Nowhereville 2. Or should he be in Nowhereville and I be in Nowhereville 2 since he moved to his place first? No matter. it's my blog, so he gets Nowhereville 2. I took a trip up to see Marty quite some time ago when I THOUGHT I was ready. My foot/leg/arm had something to say about that. Okay, something to scream about that little trip. Needless to say, I had to cut the trip short and head back home before I was ready.

MFM has a great place with open space as far as the eye can see with a great house his grandparents used to live in that he has lovingly updated and cared for over the last few years. When I arrived, we just sat on the back porch and talked and caught up since he had last made the trip down. There was no traffic, no planes overhead, no noisy neighbors, just ... peace. MFM took me around the property on his 4-wheeler because I couldn't handle one on my own. And we won't even mention that my wallet fell out of my pocket at some point and we had to backtrack FOREVER to try and find the thing. No, we won't mention that.

Then, MFM made the biggest mistake of his LIFE!

He let me tool around town in this. Whoo whee! Can you say FUN?! I tried to get him to let me drive it back home but he wouldn't go for that. I have NO CLUE why. So, after I got to drive for a bit, MFM took over at the wheel and showed me around the big metropolises (metropoli?) of Hartford and Beaver Dam, KY. I'm telling you, the outskirts of these places are truly God's country. Green as far as the eye can see. Beautiful. I snapped a few shots of things that caught my eye and I've attached them below. I hope to go back soon and take the kids this time.

The backyard

Some of the wildflowers in MFM's "yard"

"Welcome to Hartford, KY: Home of 2000 Happy People & A Few Soreheads"

Random Old Store

Tobacco Drying House

The Town Jail (Seriously? Seriously.)

And finally, I saw this on the way home. I have no idea WHAT he is doing to this horse and I don't think I want to know. This horse? In the parking lot of a liquor store. There's no reference to horses in the name of this store in any way, shape or form. The town? No reference to any horse. I HAVE NO IDEA.

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