Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These Feet

Oh how these feet have grown in the last 18 years. When you were a baby, I used to watch your little hands and feet for hours and marvel at how little and perfect you were. As the years have gone by, these feet have taken you through a multitude of sports that you ended up realizing were just not for you, through adventures with your family and friends, through arguments with parents who just seem like the most unreasonable people on the planet ...

These feet have taken you through your first day of kindergarten all the way through graduation from high school. And now, these feet are taking you on one of your most important journey's yet. Next week you will be taking a huge leap toward your future when you take your oath to become a member of the United States Air Force. We are so proud of you and the steps you are taking.

We can't wait to see where these feet take you next...

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