Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Busy Weekend...

Why is it the week always tends to drag on interminably but the weekends seem to last two seconds?

Sissy got her first day at a new school over with and it went reasonably well. The Niece and Nephew start school tomorrow. Scootie goes Tuesday to the recruiter. Sister L goes back to school soon. And the Little Man came down from A-Town after getting his stripe for karate. So, we had a good bit of celebrating. The PLAN was to have lunch, swim for a few hours, play some baseball for a couple of innings(Little Man loves baseball and is a fan of the Mets - seriously. He can name the entire roster, their stats and tell you who's on the injured reserve list. Did I mention he's like 6?).

We started out with the Little Man wanting to eat at Burger King and everyone else wanting Chick-fil-A. The majority won out, with the Little Man having an appetizer from the BK Lounge (ala Dane Cook) and the rest us of us having Chick -a -Flay (as the kids used to call it). Since it was Saturday, the whole free world was there to get their fix since the place isn't open on Sundays. Everyone has to get their fill so they can make it for a WHOLE DAY without their chicken.

At this point, it's like eleventy-billion degrees outside and we are going to the pool. I attempted to take some pictures of all the kids in the pool and was mildly successful after borrowing Scootie's flip flops. I think I left a layer of skin on the concrete when I ventured out of the shade with no shoes. Needless to say, they didn't quite fit.

It took about 30 minutes before all the fun went out of the waterguns and everybody was done with swimming. Maybe it had to do with the pool feeling like bath water.

Next up: front yard baseball. Did I mention it was now about 50 bajillion degrees with no relief in sight? If we were smart, we would have done the baseball first. Duh! Baseball lasted about 10 minutes with Sister D complaining about her seats and saying she was never returning to the venue again. I personally think she had the best seat. You can't get a baseball to the face if you're behind the tree!

Sister L wanted to go to the movies but Little Man wanted nothing to do with the movies. The game was over with a score of 3-2 ( I have no clue who won) and all participants scattering to the four winds. Scootie, Niece, Nephew and Sister D headed South, and Sissy and I headed to Mammy's.

I need to post this now because no one will believe it and I might forget. I can't believe I didn't get a picture. Sissy and Nickel (her cousin twice -removed) helped Mamy with her mulch project. Sissy PERSONNALY HAULED 21 WHEEL BARROWS FULL OF MULCH TO THE BACK OF MAMMY'S PROPERTY!!! I had the easy job. Making chili fries for Nickel. Ahh, air conditioning.

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