Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I Like...

Yay! I got my Nie Nie necklace in the mail!

I was so excited to see it and I immediately put it on. When Marv asked me what it was supposed to mean, I explained about Nie Nie and that it helped me when I'm having bad days to remember that, compared to when I started, "All Is Well." I've been saying that it could have been worse from the beginning, but some days the constant pain and the scars just get to you. But I see how Nie Nie is persevering and draw strength from her seemingly never-ending strength. Like Nie Nie, I draw a lot from my family and friends who have been so amazing throughout this entire ordeal. While my struggles have been nothing compared to Nie Nie's, they're my struggles with which I have to deal. If you need a reminder that all is well in your life, go here and pick you one of these beautiful necklaces up. You can pick your own colors, but you probably already figured that out by mine being black and red (Go Dawgs!).

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