Monday, October 5, 2009

Blood Buddies

Last week, I went to Atlanta Motor Speedway to donate some of my innards juice (nice, huh?) My dontation this time was in partnership with the American Red Cross and the Nascar Foundation. In return for someone getting a little something from me, I was able to get a ride around the track in a pacecar* and a bag o' swag. I encourage everyone to donate, and check out this site to see if Nascar is having a donation event in your area. I'm donating again in December.  It's especially important to donate around the holidays because those are notorious shortage months. After the last two years, I have been incredibly lucky in not having to be a recipient. But, you never know. If I had needed it, someone else would have been there for me. So go out and donate, take your friends (tell 'em Edward needs them!), do some good for very little effort on your part and help save three lives every time you do!

* I didn't partake in this little event. I think when I told them I would need to drive due to control issues, they rescinded my invite.

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