Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things around the house ...

I've noticed something odd lately. Things aren't going so smoothly at The Gardens. SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless MARV, has a problem. Some people might call this cantputitwhereitbelongs-itis. I just call it annoying.

People, we don't live at the Ritz where they're all fancy-schmancy and have phones in the bathroom next to the bidet. And while it is a cordless phone and you CAN take it in the bathroom, that doesn't mean you SHOULD. I won't even go into talking on the phone in the bathroom where the poor unfortunate soul on the other end of the call might hear your innermost (that just became your outermost) bodily functions. Unless it's a tele-marketer. But, if you do, can't you take it back to its home?

This next one flummoxed me. I could not conceive the reasoning behind this one. maybe you can explain it to me.

Seriously? How much effort does it take to replace the toilet paper roll? I mean, honestly. This is the point where Marv will say something like, "I couldn't replace it. I was on the phone."

In other news, it finally got below 50 degrees over the weekend, so we built a fire. SOMEONE in this house likes being warm and toasty. That's all I'm saying.

I had to resort to buying bundles of firewood 'cause SOMEONE (Marv) didn't get a truckload before the cold snap *AHHH SNAP!


  1. Hi, stopping by from SITS. My family also thinks that the toilet paper roll goes on top of the old cardboard tube.

  2. Your fire looks wonderful! Is that a dog?
    Don't get me started on the TP thing....

    Stopping by via SITS.
    Have a great weekend!