Monday, October 5, 2009

I should have had a contingency plan...for zombies

I should have followed along with the University of Florida and had an emergency contingency plan for an attack of the undead. Alas, I didn't really see the need...until last night when this showed up in my house:

Here's a better look at Scootie and friends:

which is much different from how Scootie and friends usually look:

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Zombie Walk in Atlanta presented by Atlanta Horror Fest. There were hundreds of Zombies walking around downtown ATL yesterday and luckily (for Woody Harrelson) it coincided with the opening of his new movie Zombieland (filmed in and around the ATL). Scootie and friends were along for the fun and Scootie ended up in the AJC. Can you imagine innocently waiting to get on the MARTA train and seeing hundreds of zombies? I think I'd have to wait for the next train.

You can see more photos here, and here.

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