Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've been busy. I know.  You're sitting there thinking "who ISN'T busy?" I do not corner the market on busy. I've got it. Things have been happening around the homestead.  I've been planting, raking, scraping, weeding, seeding, etc. I've been working outside some now that it's beginning to cool off (thank goodness!). Last week, Auntie BJ came down with some plantings for me. I was the proud (LUCKY) recipient of gardenias, crepe myrtles and lillies.  Scootie was the proud recipient of hole digging duties. Needless to say, after digging what must have seemed like 50 million holes, Scootie was covered in dirt. LITERALLY. HEAD TO FEET. Don't believe me?

Told ya.  And don't be fooled. He didn't dig the fire pit. Our friends Cam and Rip came down with the bobcat and did that for us. Cam and Rip have come in handy over the last few weeks. They surprised me on Tuesday evening with the BEST. THING. EVAR.  Wanna see?

Cam drilling the holes for support rods

                                                    Rip hammering home the support rods

                              The first plank.... 2 inch solid oak

                 Yes, ladies, they ARE both single...and have a bobcat...and can fix things. Sigh.

                             The last nail (well, except for the ones that fell in the creek!)

                                                               The REAL test ...

                                   Sissy, of course, thinks it's a great runway...and POSE!

And this?  This is the best part.  THIS is a picture taken by me FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CREEK! FINALLY! I can see the back half of my property. Well, I can get to the other side of the creek. Now, Marv just has to make me a trail.

I am standing over the middle of the creek!

Thanks so much to Cam and Rip for helping us out with this project. I kept telling them how excited I was about having a bridge and being able to get across the creek, but I still don't think they understand what it means to me.  Everyone else has been able to scamper across the "natural bridge" (meaning the old fallen tree) but that just wasn't an option for me. It has been very frustrating for me not to be able to do things I could before without even thinking about them. I would have been right there with the kids and Niece and Nephew scurrying across the log and exploring the other side, but I just didn't want to risk it.  I'm so grateful we have family and friends who are able to help with some of my projects (some of which Marv sees no need for, but whatevs). 

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