Friday, October 16, 2009

Phoofs Don't Lie

So a co-worker (whose name sounds like a fruit) and I are currently engaged in an ongoing war. 

It's not over office supplies, or who drank the last Pepsi ( killing offense) or even anything remotely office related. We are at war over a statement he made about one of our mutually favorite television shows.

Recap: At the end of last season on NCIS ( The original, not NCIS, Los Angeles. I'm a purist.) Ziva was left to stay behind with her father in her role as an agent for Mossad. In an aside, I don't blame Gibbs for one bit. I mean, what was she thinking hooking up with Rivkin? Especially when the sexual tension between her and Tony is so obvious. AND, Tony is funny. Rivkin? Not so much.

Anywho, when we were left in that uncomfortable cliff-hanger in the season finale, all the phoof showed us was a captive in Somalia wearing a Star of David necklace like Ziva's.

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Of course, co-worker, who is OBSESSED with Ziva was distraught and went so far as to say "Ziva won't be back next season." To which I said, "pshaw." Co-worker proceeded to barrage me with internet scuttlebutt of nay-sayers who were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN Ziva was not coming back and the show was replacing her. I, who am a TRUE FAN, responded with more intelligent come-backs like, "yeah, right" and "whatever."  But, I did manage to get the last word in this first battle. Co-worker continued to spout off the "truths of the internets" and I continued to make my arguments that the producers of this show are not stupid and know what a gold-mine they have in the Ziva-Tony-Gibbs triangle (yes, I know most people think she has a Daddy complex for Gibbs, but sometimes ...). Co-worker then stated again, and I qoute, "Ziva won't be back. You watch." My winning response? "We'll see."

So, of course, after the season premiere, I was gloating. I have to admit, at first I was concerned. When the phoof came up, I thought I was going to be right. But then, BUT THEN, it was TONY in the chair, captive. And this Saleem guy starts giving Tony truth serum and Tony is all crazy thinking Ziva is dead and then ... IN WALKS ZIVA (oh, and McGee was on the floor the whole time acting all passed-out-y). HAH. ZIVA IS BACK!

This, dear readers, is when you say, okay, war over. 34milepizza wins. That's what I said! Well, co-worker comes into the office and I'm all HA! I was RIGHT! And he ... he ... TOTALLY DOES NOT GIVE IN GRACEFULLY. He starts back-pedaling, saying she's back but "she's not right."

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have been having these mini-battles for the last four weeks.  Four weeks in which ZIVA was IN EVERY EPISODE and has now become a full-fledged "probie." I know her father has not given up and wants her back at Mossad, but the point is, I WAS RIGHT. Here is the mini-battle from this week as conducted through Facebook.

As you can see, he is still using the lame "but she's not right" argument. LAME-O INSANE-O (I know, how third grade is that?). Now, I shall wait in my office for said co-worker to come in today and bow down gracefully at my feet and GIVE IN. Because that's the only respectable thing to do. After all, I am the one who controls his access to his Ziva background and Ziva screensavers. MWAH HA HA HA.

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  1. First, why are you posting at the ungodly hour of 6am? Who does that? Second, you are right. Ziva is back. Tell co-worker Back is Back...does not matter if she's different. Score for 34milepizza